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Peng and Political T-shirt

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As the Humanitarian Hotgirl, when it comes to being political, I try to remind my friends, comrades and loved ones that being political simply means caring about the world we live in. Having an opinion on societal issues makes us political by default, and this is a good thing. You don’t need to have read a certain number of books or voted in a certain amount of elections in order to be political. Gatekeeping politics is an elitist tool which works to push us away from having a say and making a change. We should reject that, and that’s why 2 things I’ll always be are peng and political.

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  • XS-XXXL (see size guide for measurements)
  • 100% organic combed cotton
  • Exclusively hand printed on a sage green unisex t-shirt
  • Printed to order to guarantee its uniqueness