About Us

Hello, I'm Nawel! The one woman band behind all that is Good Girl Gang. It all began after a soul quenching year struggling through an art foundation course; I left feeling drained of all creativity I had when I first began. In search of that last inkling of creative flame I had left in me, I dove into the world of Youtube, full of DIY tutorials & people that seemed to know what they were doing with their lives. And lo and behold, the art of screen printing presented itself to me.

I started this venture in 2017, however my love for printing started in college, drawing out album art on any old t-shirt using a fabric pen. And even further back, faint memories of screen printing with my extravagant year 5 art teacher. I'm really proud to say I'm self taught & thankful that I have found my way back to creating wearable art.

Good Girl Gang feels like an ongoing project where I'm constantly learning & growing. This is, for the most part, thanks to the wonderful community of incredibly lovely people that have supported the gang since opening up shop. The fact I can share my work with so many like minded people that not only support me but relate in the messages I plaster all over my clothing is mind blowing to me & I am forever grateful. Thank you! Learn more about the brand here.