About The Brand

Good Girl Gang was the beginning to an end when I realised that uni wasn't for me & no one wanted to hire me.. I decided I worked way better alone and thought revisiting my love for making clothes would be a fun & exciting venture. I noticed that wearable feminist clothing didn't really exist when it came to women of colour; which is the backbone of what makes Good Girl Gang so inclusive and representative of those that feel voiceless.

Growing up in a South Asian family, things have always been restrictive when it comes to the image and duties that a woman must represent. So living through this, I knew the only way to combat these challenges was to create an inclusive space that represented the under represented. I have used discussions, both calm & heated, with family and friends to fuel my creative mission to provide a place where people that share the same feelings and experiences can come together and feel like they aren't alone.

I'm constantly changing and evolving the brand with my own personal growth as well as the input my amazing supporters provide, to which I am hugely grateful! This support allows me to introduce new ways for people to join the gang and become part of a global community. I hold monthly Misprint Monday sales where I sell clothing that have small print issues at a discounted price to avoid waste. Additionally, if up-cycling is something you're interested in, I offer ways to print any GGG design onto any old clothing to give 'em a little refresh; a very inventive way to avoid more waste!

Another bi-monthly project I work on is a limited charity t-shirt. This is where I choose a charity to help support for a month by releasing a limited edition design, donating 50% of all proceeds. This has got to be one of my favourite aspects of GGG as it's not only a way to help organisations with both donations and exposure, but a way in which customers can be a part of something so caring and helpful, especially in times like these.

Thank you so much for visiting my store and reading up about the brand. Be sure to check out my FAQ for any other questions! Stay safe :-)