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  • Single stitch vintage blanks
  • 100% cotton
  • Comes with a hand made badge
  • Water-based, eco friendly ink

the past month has been a devastating month for the people of Palestine, and for all those who have love in their hearts.

the Palestinians have been subjected to systematic oppression, apartheid & genocide for the last 75 years, and as we’ve seen it’s getting unbearably worse as the days pass.

a second Nakba (great catastrophe) is taking place as we speak; 11,240 men, women & children have been ruthlessly murdered so far with at least 27,490 injured with no access to medical supplies, food or clean water.

those of us living in the west know our leaders are to blame for this genocide, and now is the time to speak up! the guilt of watching a genocide unfold through social media and not having the power to do anything has affected a lot of us.

which is why, as an act of support & a way to use our privilege to promote humanity, me and my sister have designed a t-shirt calling for the liberation & peace of Palestine. inspired by the many beautiful archival artworks found on (

we’re donating 100% of all profits to Doctors without Borders which has been providing medical aid in Palestine since 1989, and can only hope that the aid reaches the victims as soon as possible.

“The struggle of Palestine is not just a political struggle, it is a struggle for our humanity” - Edward Said

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